Volunteer Signup

To help minimize our operations costs and to increase community impact, SSEF relies on volunteer talent in many areas related to our programs, organizational development and oversight, and administrative support.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the following:

  • Grant Proposal Support - Support SSEF managers and board by researching grant programs and providing writing and editorial support for proposal development and submission.
  • Saturday Bridges Program Support - Provide tutoring, homework help, and classroom assistance.
  • Tutors/Mentors - Tutor someone in specific coursework. Support job search functions such as resume writing, networking, interviewing. Coach on-the-job skills such as relationship-building, task organization, teamwork.
  • Website Development - Maintain our website and Facebook presence.  Support electronic outreach to the SSEF community.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with us and the South Sudanese community we support, please submit the form below, and we'll be in touch to explore these opportunities with you. [Please note: this form does not work very well on mobile devices, but we will make improvements for better access from smartphones and other devices soon.]