Vision 2020

Vision 2020 – SSEF’s Strategic Planning Program

In early 2015 we knew that our South Sudanese community was changing. We needed to look seriously and find out how SSEF would be able to keep to our mission and continue to offer the services we need. Our donors agreed with us.

One of our supporters took a special interest. We worked with her and with our executive director, Ron Moulton. We collaborated carefully and thoughtfully and developed a plan that we are calling “Vision 2020.” Vision 2020 is a strategic plan. It looks at what the needs of the community will be like five years from now—in 2020, and it draws up a plan for how SSEF can meet those needs.

The members of our Vision 2020 planning team come from our South Sudanese community in Greater Boston. All of the members are devoted to making our community better by building our skills and taking care of our families. We all know what SSEF has done to support us for many years now. SSEF is our organization, and we are all devoted to making sure it will develop programs that will be successful as our community’s needs change. Everyone on our team also understands that working on a five year strategic plan like this will give us as individuals a much better knowledge of how we ourselves can help make our community healthier and stronger. Working on this plan together, we are developing the tools we can use to do that.



We began our work by exploring what things would be like in the future – in a generation, when our kids are the age we are now. What are the most important things for us to do in the next 5 years that will eventually get them to where we want them to be?


Turning Learners into Leaders

Our team members are not experts in strategic planning, but we were sure we could learn how to do this. Each of us has a strong idea about our careers and our families. We are committed to learning how we can develop in our own lives as leaders so that we can advance in our careers and make positive things happen in our own families and in the families of our sisters and brothers. Our community needs leaders. We believe that the training we are getting by working on Vision 2020 will help us toward becoming the leaders our community needs.

Community Self-sufficiency

When we look back at our lives as children, as refugees, and as new citizens in this country, we are amazed at how much our lives have already changed. Our vision today is much different from what it was five or ten years ago. We as individuals and our community have changed dramatically. Most of us have become independent in ways we could never have dreamed of as children.

Organization Sustainability

SSEF is a small non-profit organization. We know that in order for it to sustain its operations long into the future we need to do three things well:

  • We need to have South Sudanese who can lead our organization.
  • We need to constantly keep aware of the needs of our community and how we can develop positively as part of the Boston area’s big community.
  • We need to develop the practical skills to do the right things each year with the limited resources our SSEF organization has.


How Our Community Can Thrive

In the end it comes down to this. We want all South Sudanese-Americans to thrive as individuals and families. We want to see a community where we support each other and where we ourselves have the skills to be leaders together with our native American colleagues in seeing that SSEF can keep offering the most beneficial programs. We want to learn from each other and from the broader community and world we live in so that we can be the best local and global citizens.